Our team listens to the needs, desires and expectations of participants for a successful experience. Our host families and outdoor partners are selected according to strict criteria that we present below. Our multilingual team (French, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German) has an emergency number and remains available when needed.


They are selected according to a list of criteria: hygiene and cleanliness of the accommodation, respect of the intimacy of the students, proximity to the city centre and accessibility by public transport, safety, curfew fixed, availability, respect for our values (tolerance, respect, openness and openness to others). We favour host families with a taste for travel and openness to the otherness.


Our activities are supervised and/or carried out by members of the association who are experienced in facilitating intercultural activities and in language workshops. We conduct our language workshops by setting up a pedagogy based on real communication situations and interaction since the creation of the association. Our intercultural activities have been carried out monthly for several years, in partnership with schools and associations that trust us. Find their testimonies in our section “intercultural activities”. The outdoor activities offered by our partners are supervised by certified professionals: canoeing, surfing, sailing etc.


La Région et l’Union Européenne soutiennent le projet Bord’Odyssée dans le cadre du « Programme Opérationnel FEDER/FSE 2014/2020 ». Ce projet a lieu dans le cadre du dispositif Cap Amorçage d’Aquitaine Active.

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