Who are we?

Executive Board Office

President – Elisabeth Silva

After a first career in international relations which led her to work nearly 6 years in India, west Africa, Haiti and Brazil in the field of international cooperation, more particularly of education, Elisabeth Silva decided in 2004 to complete her career with a master of excellence in engineering of education and media in Poitiers. Therefore she specifically invested in the field of European mobility, driving the mayor of Bordeaux to hand her the title of the City of Bordeaux in 2010. Founder of a European training organization, she is responsible of the European projects department.

Treasurer – Cédric Monier

After 10 years of management experience in the private sector of retail and catering, Cédric Monier chose to share his experience by joining the field of vocational training. Since 2009, he is the manager of a training center that organizes exchanges of European mobility such as Erasmus +.

Secretary – Marlène Sévère

After studying literature, Marlène Sévère achieved a master’s degree in German and and a training in social and socio-cultural animation where she was able to experience European student and professional mobility in Germany. She joined the European mobility in 2010. Her involvement in the Association Odyssée is therefore the logical continuation of her career and her values.

Vukoto Ninkovic Civic Service

During and after studies of Sociology in Serbia, Vukota Ninkovic volunteered in several NGOs. In June 2017, he was hired in Commissariat for Refugees and Migration of the Republic of Serbia, in the hosting centre of Presevo. After 6 months of work there, he decided to come to France to join a new volunteer experience within Association Odyssée and to learn French language. He is involved in the Job to Stay project and in the organisation of Ketchup & Mayo activities. He also supports European young people recently arrived in the discovery of Bordeaux and helps in the implementation of Bordeaux World’s Citizen activity.

Jael Nayer Trainee

After her compulsory education in Switzerland, Jael Nayer has started her apprenticeship at login Berufsbildung, a company for the public transports in Switzerland. She has changed all six months for gaining more experience. After the first two years, she decided to take a break to improve her French and English skills. She had stayed six months in England and had worked at Bournemouth international college University. Currently she is doing a part-time internship at Association Odyssée, where she is preparing the activities for Ketchup & Mayo and accompanies the European young people to discover Bordeaux. After her stay in Bordeaux she will come back to Switzerland to do her final year for her apprenticeship.

Members of the Committee

Catherine De Labarre

Strong professional experience in business and management of the international association, Catherine De Labarre has chosen to participate actively in the launch and development of Odyssée bringing by her expertise and know-how.

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