Our organisations’ project

Association Odyssée was created under the 1901 law and its main activities are led in the socio-educational and cultural sector.

As a young organisation, Odyssée is being structured today to be able to evolve and grow tomorrow. It is an open and dynamic space for debates, exchanges and proposals in link with its values.

« Creating links between actors within the same territory  »

Association Odyssée wants to create activities by developing actions closely links to the territory’s needs and wishes of the local actors. Our activities are then led with different local organisations of Bordeaux and its surroundings.

« Share our culture and solicit interactions »

Since June 2016, Association Odyssée leads workshops of French language courses using the city of Bordeaux as a real tool. Those activities are implemented with young people in European mobility in Bordeaux willing to improve their knowledges to have a better integration within their new life and professional environments.

 « Fostering openness to others through exchanges and workshops »

Association Odyssée implements intercultural activities and exchanges with French, European and International people. As citizenship is a matter of the entire life, Odyssée’s aims it to propose activities for children, teenagers, young people as well as adults keeping its values in mind: interculturalism, foreign languages, European and worldwide citizenships…