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Odyssée and tooBordo (a non-profit webradio founded in 2012, an educational, social and citizen media – www.toobordo.net) want to start a European scaled project involving another country and allowing youngsters (16-20 years old) to practice radio journalism in an intercultural perspective to develop personal, soft and technical skills. An “umbrella topic” will be defined together among partners.

This project aims at encouraging the acquisition of the youngsters’ skills and personal development:

  • The notion of “living well together” which is characterized by team spirit, respect for others to encourage dialogue, openness to the world and the discovery of different cultures.
  • The ability to organize and manage tasks over a period of time.
  • Analytical skills and critical mind to understand, compare and validate information before distribution.
  • Written and oral expression to be understood by interlocutors (team, guest) and listeners.
  • Technical skills related to the radio equipment and materials.
  • Intercultural and language skills with the implementation of transnational learning activities and teams.


The partners foresee a two-year project with the following activities:

  • C1 : 1 short-term youth workers joint training at the beginning of the project. It aims at providing the youth workers of the partner organisations with basic skills on radio for educative purposes (historical and technical perspectives with experimentations).
  • C2 : 1 blended-mobility (in France) of young people (16-20 years old) with online preparatory meetings and a one-week transnational mobility with 6 youngsters per country, at the end of the first year. This activity will allow the participants to join a learning programme during which they will prepare together a radio show. During the week, the youngsters will practice radio techniques, record interviews, documentaries or street interviews in order to prepare the final show, which will be held live with an audience. All radio-learning sessions will be mentored by a member of tooBordo together with the youth workers who participated in the joint staff training. Complementary sessions of the programme will be dedicated to intercultural learning, language, team-building and cohesion activities among young people, as well as to reflect on and identify the learning outcomes of such programmes. During preparatory work held online, the young people will define the topic they want to address during the transnational mobility by respecting the umbrella topic defined by the project partners. They will also identify the people they want to interview so they can plan the meetings with them and co-define the programme of the mobility.
  • C3 : 1 blended-mobility (in the other partner country) of young people (16-20 years old) with online preparatory meetings and a one-week transnational mobility with 6 youngsters per country, at the end of the second year. The same structure of the programme will be implemented as for the first blended-mobility.

The project expects the following results (3 intellectual outputs):

  • IO1 : a training guide dedicated to youth workers willing to know more about how to implement radio within youth work. This guide will also be a supporting tool during the joint staff training event (C1).
  • IO2 : short radio podcasts realised all along the project duration (at local level by each national group of young people, during transnational events…)
  • IO3 : two radio shows recorded during a public and live show at the end of each blended-mobility of young people.


This project is an initiative of Association Odyssée and tooBordo, two organisations based in Bordeaux, France.

  • tooBordo is a non-profit webradio founded in 2012, an educational, social and citizen media. tooBordo runs mobile radio workshops to allow different audiences (young, retired, disabled people…) to access the practice of the profession of radio journalist. The team offers them the opportunity to design and run their programs ! All radio workshops are available on www.toobordo.net and as podcasts on many platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Deezer…). Located in Bordeaux, France.
  • Association Odyssée is a non-profit organisation created in 2015 aiming at promoting intercultural situations among youngsters and the exchange of practices between European people. Discover more on Odyssée on the website: www.associationodyssee.fr. Located in Bordeaux, France.


– from any European programme countries
– working with young people on creative and citizenship topics
– willing to integrate the radio within their practices
– able to engage young people all along the project duration and willing to be actors of their territories
– able to engage youth workers all along the project duration
– who already has former experience(s) in a Strategic Partnership Erasmus+
– able to host the second blended-mobility of young people; to prepare and send young people to the blended-mobility to France and youth workers to the joint staff training event to France
– able and motivated to participate in the project application writting process and willing to co-design the project with us

If you’re interested in joining our partnership, please send us an email (contact@associationodyssee.fr) introducing your organisation and explaining why you’re interested! Please attach your PIF (Partner Identification Form) so we can have a better idea of your organisation. We would be pleased to get in contact with you for more information and then for designing the project’s details together.


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