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The end of INTERMOVE For Trainers is approaching

Only two months to go until the end of the project! Nevertheless, the partnership is very proud of all activities done and looking forward to organise the Final Conference of the project.

Because of the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, unfortunately, this Final Conference will be organised online the 17th of May. But the partnership will have the opportunity to gather in this event participants from different countries, making this activity more enriching. During this conference, one of the INTERMOVE activities tested with trainers will be carried out online with all participants. We are sure that it will be a very successful final conference.

In addition, during the last months of 2020 and beginning 2021 several trainings with 3rd stakeholders have been organised, obtaining very positive feedbacks. In the next articles you will know more about some of these trainings!

The pandemic cannot stop INTERMOVE For Trainers! 

Despite the fact that the pandemic also hit the country hard during the last months of 2020, ENAIP Veneto focused on the development of the INTERMOVE Network. The Italian organisation worked hard to adapt the learning materials developed in IO1 and IO2 to a digital environment and successfully built up an online training  called « INTERMOVE FOR TRAINERS – Intercomprensione ed Interculturalità per formatori, docenti, coordinatori di mobilità », a 15 hour course mixing interactive and exciting sessions.

ENAIP Veneto engaged 21 participants among teachers, language teachers, trainers, mobility coordinators, representing more than 10 national stakeholders.

For the first time, Daniela and Alessio played the role of IC facilitators, supported by IFOA’s senior partners of the project, and arranged IC classes adapting contents to distance learning, mixing traditional teaching methodology with Interactive web-based tools, such as Mentimeter and Jamboard, videos, online games, cooperative activities.

Alessio enthusiastically said: “Although a plurilingual group is sometime an added value when working with intercomprehension, the group of Italian participants was very motivated and collaborative: everyone grasped perfectly the potential of the modules and embraced the INTERMOVE philosophy! ».

As proved by the encouraging results of the final evaluation session, all the participants requested further insights on the topic and showed their will to collaborate in the future.

This first round of training for third-organisations has been a success we are proud of and grateful for, considering the tough time Italian VET centres and schools were going through

Irish partners organised with success the INTERMOVE For Trainers training! 

Once the first version of the contents had been prepared, two training activities were organised within the partnership with the aim of training new partners in the INTERMOVE model and enable them to subsequently deliver the training to new local organisation.

To this purpose, former INTERMOVE partners carried out two trainings, with a duration of one week each. The first training was held in September in Viseu, Portugal, and was delivered by our colleagues of UCP and ITT. These sessions focused on the contents of Module 2, related to Intercomprehension. The second training was implemented one month later in Seville, Spain, where IFOA, Cap Ulysse and INCOMA were in charge of delivering the contents. These sessions addressed modules 1 and 3 dedicated respectively to the presentation of the INTERMOVE model and to Interculturality.

More than 20 participants from the partnership took part in the training sessions, who are ready to train others in the INTERMOVE model.

More mobility students benefit from the INTERMOVE model   

From 8 to 11 March 2021, took place the linguistic, intercultural and intercomprehension preparation days for the 23 students of CCFF Intermediate and Higher Level of the Vocational Training Centre Sopeña Seville, who will carry out an Erasmus mobility for internships during the months March-June 2021, in Italy, Malta, Portugal and Poland.

INTERMOVE tools have been essential in this preparation and the previously trained teachers were essentials in this activity. That demonstrate the multiplier effect that already have the realisation of the training with third stakeholders.


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