Ketchup & Mayo

The device Ketchup & Mayo was created to make it possible for young people all around the world and young people of Bordeaux to establish contact, through sponsorship of activities, cultural, sports, intercultural etc. We want to enable young people to:

Discover other cultures
Open up their horizons
Rediscover Bordeaux together
Share the fun times
Learn new experiences
Make new friends

You are young, French and want to sponsor young people from elsewhere? You’re young, not French and are looking for a French sponsor or a French godmother?

Participate in the activity « Salt and Pepper» ! This activity will take up every month in small committee, and will allow a group of young Europeans and young people from Bordeaux to meet and exchange … but also to learn more about the other languages spoken in the group. The first event was on April 4th, 2017. Next dates: coming up in May. To register, contact us by email or via our Facebook page.

You want to participate in cultural, sporting, musical and intercultural activities with young people from here and elsewhere?
Join us for the activity  «To your sauce !» This monthly activity will also take place once upon a month … but this time, it will allow many young europeans and young people from Bordeaux to participate in a group activity.

Next dates: Thursday, April 13th, 2017 at 5:30 p.m., Place St. Michel . To register, contact us by email or via our Facebook page.

We include these activities in partnership to offer these activities at European or international youth as well as young people living in Bordeaux and its surroundings.

In April and May, we realise with Cape Ulysses and Urban Vibrations School Ketchup & Mayo!