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Association Odyssée is a recent and non-profit organization whose goal is to promote:

-the commitment and the participation of all in the different levels of our society (within companies, working groups, sport groups, citizens, young people, associations, social structures, people with fewer opportunities etc.)

-the experimentation in the field of intercultural situations

-the reinforcement of European and World citizenship, spirit of tolerance and social cohesion.

Created and led by 3 experts in European educational issues and Partnerships, Association Odyssée is developing activities on the learning outcomes acquired through several types of formal, non-formal and informal contexts for the purposes of a better cooperation and tolerance between all individuals and a better understanding of our world.

Its Board Members have over 10 years of experience on European projects in the framework of Erasmus+, Lifelong Learning Program, Erasmus and Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs. Other members of Association Odyssée have been managers and therefore have experience in private fields such as companies, associations in different sectors (such as education, international cultural events, local development): their contribution is obviously very important for the association’s projects and reinforces the implementation of the different actions.

The Association Odyssée is organized in several activities’ areas:

-European and international cooperation: act for the lifelong learning process, promote the cooperation between the different actors of our society and at different levels (entreprises, associations, schools and high schools, young people, citizens… at local, European, international levels), promote the diversity of our world and the interculturality, reinforce the European and world citizenship and social cohesion, and counsel projects managers. In 2016, Association Odyssée hosted and managed a mobility project for young people from Germany and managed incoming staff mobility with 8 teachers in agricultural High Schools from Italy.

-Local stakeholders’ cooperation: make the associations, businesses, public bodies and individuals closer toward a shared final goal.

-Intercultural, linguistic and cultural activities: make the relations easier between the individuals, experiment the intercultural situations by mobilities or in the everyday life, broaden the knowledge of foreign languages and French language based on non-formal learning methods and outdoor activities, value the local cultural heritage. In 2016, Association Odyssée organized and implemented French language courses activities for 85 young people and 8 cultural activities for more than 60 persons, with various and worldwide nationalities.

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